Mga Floors 3D Models

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3D Mga Modelo ng Mga Floors sa Flatpyramid.

Floor – the interior of a room or room, serving as a base, the floor between the lower floor or basement.

During the construction of modern buildings, a concrete slab serves as a floor in the rooms, serving as a divider between floors. Thus, its lower part becomes the ceiling, the upper – the floor of the upper floor. In addition to performing the function of separating floors, the floor is also a support for furniture.

Dahil sa panahon ng konstruksiyon ay hindi laging posible upang masiguro ang kahit na magkasanib na mga plates (mekanikal na pinsala sa panahon ng transportasyon o pag-install), pagkatapos ilagay ang bagay, posible na obserbahan ang hindi pantay at embossed protrusions sa ibabaw ng sahig. Para sa layuning ito, ang iba't ibang paraan ng pag-aalis ng mga depekto na ito ay ginagamit.

The main purpose of the floor screed is to level the surface on which the floor is laid. According to the decades-old plate manufacturing technology that serves as the basis for floors in serial panel houses, they are made smooth on one side only – the one that will become the ceiling of the lower apartment. The side to become the floor is always uneven, with hillocks and hollows, often the ends of the bars of metal reinforcements stick out of it. In addition, differences in the level of the floor in an apartment often reach 10 cm. It is impossible to lay a high-quality coating on such a surface.